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The Unconventional Convention is shaping up!

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T-3 Weeks til liftoff!

The WPI Launchpad team has been busy the past few weeks organizing out first event of the year! The Unconventional Convention was inspired by an old WPI tradition called Inter-session. This mini-term between term was a time for WPI students and faculty to come together and teach and learn interesting courses. Although Inter-Session at WPI has been discontinued for a while, interest in the term was re-sparked by alumni looking to share their interests and skills with current students. We also looked to programs like Middlebury College's "J-Term" and MIT's Splash Program for inspiration.

The Unconventional Convention is a mini-prototype of what we hope will soon revive interest in Inter-Session. Our program puts students, alumni and faculty members on an even playing field, Learning and teaching courses on crazy topics that go beyond typical classroom learning. For this first event, we have an amazing weekend planned featuring 6 courses taught by. including "How to Manage your Managers," "Wilderness Survival for Tax Attorneys," "Soldering for the Next Generation," and more! And of course, no event of ours would be complete without catered breakfast and lunch, and a fun innovation challenge to mix things up. 

Stay tuned for signups and the schedule for the weekend!

-WPI Launchpad Team

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